Your Christmas Survival Guide


That’s what you might find yourself saying when you step on the scale after the Christmas and New years holidays, especially if media reports are true that the holidays will bloat you and is a major contributor to annual excess weight gain.”

Big, decadent meals and missed workouts due to travel and family time can knock you off your training, expand your waistline, and set a bad precedent for the month (and year) to come. But approach the holiday season strategically, and you can keep up with your training, prevent overeating, curb the risk of winter illness, and still have a jolly good time. Stuff these tips into your stocking and you may even be able to give yourself the gift you’ve always wanted: abs.

#1 Eat more cheese.

Seriously. According to a professor at the University of South Florida and one of the world’s top experts on low-carb and ketogenic diets, cheese platters are often the best hors d’oeuvre option at a holiday party. Eating low carb helps control your appetite because fats and proteins tend to be more satiating and typically don’t lend themselves to overeating.”

Fibrous vegetables are another good choice, so load up on vegetable platters that offer broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, and celery. The combination of fat, protein and fiber will prolong gastric emptying, (the rate at which your stomach processes food). It keeps you satiated and prevents a spike in blood glucose, which leads to energy crashes and fat storage.