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If you are struggling with your health, fitness or nutrition...


Then this can be a bonafide game Changer for you.


With it, you'll finally have a simple and effective transformational system that will boost your adherence and get you results.


You'll be set up for long term, sustainable success, whilst making a long lasting impact on your life, even if you have never stuck with a plan before.

You see, we are creatures of habit.


We like routine and are generally good at following guidelines and advice.


However, most of us do not do as well when we are set strict rules - these usually mean restriction and limitation.


And as the age old saying goes, rules were made to be broken. When it comes to health, fitness or wellness, the exact same applies.


Because of this, I developed a different approach to helping people on improving their lifestyles.


What I'm talking about is...



So here's why The Slow Change Method is so powerful...

If we can learn how to effectively form new habits, we can change or create anything we want in our diets and lifestyles.


Habits are formed when actions are tied to a trigger by consistent repetition so that when the trigger happens, you have an automatic urge to carry out the action.

​For example:


* When you wake up (trigger), you go have a shower (habit).

When you get to work (trigger), you grab a coffee (habit).

When you get stressed (trigger), you eat junk food (habit)

Everyday, we all go through this constant state of triggers followed by habits, and they happen without us even noticing.

So how do these habits form?


1. Through constant repetition over years.


2. At first they were conscious efforts, but with time they became more automatic and less conscious. 

3. There is a feedback loop that encouraged us to repeat the habit for a good length of time.


For Example: If you feel stressed and eat junk food, you might feel short term pleasure or satisfaction (positive feedback).

But if you're  stressed and stop yourself from eating junk, you might remain stressed (negative feedback).

The body likes to take the path of least resistance, so it will constantly aim for positive feedback, causing us to repeatedly carry out an action when the trigger occurs.

This is why improving your diet or exercise routine consistently proves so difficult.

Getting that "ah-ha" feeling yet?


Then check this... 

If your diet is boring and bland, then its unpleasant to follow (negative feedback), so when you give up and eat your favorite foods again, you enjoy it (positive feedback).

If you feel like this around any of the changes that you are making towards an improved diet or lifestyle, then your feedback loop is set up to ensure that you don't stick to ANY change for very long.

The Slow Change Method, with its easy to follow program, changes this. It creates amazing transformations by focusing on one change at a time.

This little change has more power that most people realise.

It will help you learn a new skill, from mindfulness to exercising to eating better.

Ironically, by slowing down the process, it will help you reach your goals faster.

We introduce new ideas. We hold space. We give birth to better transformations.

The Slow Change Method is delivered in a clear and actionable way, to keep you on track, accountable and motivated.

Every program is not only unique, but has been designed from the ground up, based on the latest scientific information and feedback from thousands of clients.

My tried-and-tested programs break down habit change in practical, accessible ways to guarantee incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes that last forever. 

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today!


You will get 11 Slow Change Programs that have been designed to help you create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes that will last a life time.


You Are What You Eat Program

There is a lot of value in the actual act of recording what you eat. Its a behavior that takes seconds to do, but each and every time you pull out your app or diary, you remind yourself of your healthy living desires and strategies.

This 2-week program will...


* Pin-Point where you can improve to achieve your goal


* Discover if you are eating to much...or not enough.


* Teach you how to adjust your eating schedule for success.










The Stop Snacking Program


Snacking can reduce our natural hunger cues and can ruin our appetites. This can result in irregular eating patterns and lack of eating routine.


This 2-week program will...


* Help you eat regularly throughout the day


* Help you to tune-in with hunger and fullness cues 


* Help you to "re-connect" with your body.



 Protein is Power Program


This 2-week program will show you the benefits of a higher protein diet, and how much you REALLY need, which will help you discover...


* How to reduce appetite and hunger levels


* How to increase muscular strength


* How to reduce cravings and desire for late night snacks.


Eat your Greens Program


Vitamins and minerals are vital for life and must be obtained from the diet. Although we get these nutrients from most of the foods we eat, fruit and vegetables contain the most.


This 2-week program encourages you to eat fresh vegetables with every meal and...


* Discover more energy by using balanced vitamins and minerals


* How to increase fibre for a healthier gut

* Discover a healthier body with hydration via foods.


Eat Your Carbs Program


This 2-week program encourages you to eat carbohydrates based on your specific activity level. By getting this input of energy vs. output of energy right, you will discover...


* How to eat carbs and still lose weight


* Discover increased energy


* Discover improved performance and cognitive awareness


Eat Healthy Fats Program

This 2-week program encourages you to eat healthy fats with every meal. You will discover...

* Increased energy from richer sources

* Boost flavour with nutrient dense meals


* Discover enhanced fat loss from increasing fat intake


Hydrate Like An Athlete Program


Water is the most important nutrient in our diet. Nothing comes close. Its therefore a vital resource for the human body.


With this 2-week program, you will discover...


* Better fat loss with increased hydration


* Improved focus and energy output


* Improved complexion


Improve Sleep Program


Understanding the power of sleep and how to get as much quality sleep as possible is one of the healthiest things that you can do.


This 2-week program will get you to plan a sleep routine and guide you towards all the benefits of sleeping better.


* Discover reduced daily stresses


* Enjoy improved memory and well being


* Discover increased performance in all that you do

Eat Real Food Program


Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining peoples health.


This 2-week program helps you to increase the frequency of eating single ingredient foods, whilst reducing  unnecessary processed ones.


* Discover the effectiveness of real food


* Discover procedures to minimise processed foods


* How to boost energy with increased nutrient variety


Improve Your Gut Health Program


This 2-week programs goal is to simply create awareness of how the food you eat impacts your overall health and daily well-being.


* Find out what's going wrong with your diet


* Solve common problems like bloating or gas


* Discover ways to increase health and well being


Reduce Your Stress Program


Stress holds us back from being the best that we can be. This 2-week program shows you the most effective ways for controlling stress in all areas of your life


* Improve your relationships and your work


* Discover ways to improve happiness


* Discover how to eliminate stress for increased fat loss


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