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" Surgery one day, full blown menopause the next, all at the grand old age of 37! I had no idea what was about to hit me was like a bus! Anxiety, depression, weight gain, insomnia. Very low self worth, constantly tired. This lead to overeating, over thinking and dark thoughts. Several times I have got myself to a gym, however I never felt like a fitted in. I was the fat one, the lonely one. Lots of skinny Minnie's that looked at you like you have two heads. I battled this for 4 years. The Box Gym is the total opposite. I joined the 28 Day Challenge in November. I knew it was going to be hard. Menopausal, under active thyroid. Tired. But I did It! I loved It! My new found family! My journey (I hate that word) but it has been epic. Martin and Kelly have your back...they want you to suceed. I now have new gym buddies, a new body that is constantly changing. The scales don't shift in dramatic fashion, but by god, taking photos along the way are a huge boost. But more importantly, the old me is coming back. I laugh, I socialise, I'm positve. A new mindset. The future is bright. All because of The Box Gym Cornwall. I can't thank it enough. Get yourself to this gym. You won't regret it. Don't let the menopause win!!xxx."

Georgia P

" The Box Gym certainly pays off. 6 months in, and getting there...Thank you Kelly and Martin and all the gym family."

Amanda B

" Just did the first day of the Home X workout on the Box Gym App. Thought looking at it before hand should be ok, but those bodyweight squats are a killer. Over the years I have used a lot of fitness apps a lot more expensive. Can't believe what you get for the price."

Marianne A

" On Friday, I hit a 7 stone loss in 3 years. I don't normally post about this stuff but its been a hell of a journey so far!

Its been hard trying to juggle life, organise your priorities, maintain positivity in front of your kids, allow yourself days off and pick yourself back up again after them. I'm really grateful that The Box Gym Cornwall has given me a shove to keep going. Who said fear isn't a motivator LOL. I will never be skinny and I will always love food. I will always moan like hell about exercise, despite secretly quite liking it"

Lucy G

" I just want to say thank you to Martin and Kelly. Really blown away by week one. Three pound gone (only 3 days following the food plan), but most excited that I have lost 3 inches from my waist! I am still fat, but I can already see the beginning of tummy muscles."

Karen P


" AT LAST!! Finally found a fitness and diet App that actually WORKS!!!! Thanks guys."

Catherine M

" Just found out I've lost 15lbs in just a little over 4 week, loving the APP, MEAL PLANS and GUIDANCE I'm getting from the team at The Box Gym Cornwall. And thank you to Kimberly H and Kirsty L for all the support...We got this!!!."

Becky B

" If it wasn't for Martin and Kelly, I wouldn't be as far as I am now. Joining The Box Gym was the BEST thing I ever did. Everyone is so lovely and supports each other. xxx"

Sabrina B

" BEST GYM EVER! Friendly, clean and the only place that I know of that will get you the results you want."

Nas S

" From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with friendly faces from the gym staff and users alike. No matter what your goal is, everyone supports and helps each other. The gym staff are extremely knowledgeable  with tried and tested training methods and can assist with programs, classes, nutrition, machines and more. The Box Gym has everything for any workout, from cardio to strongman, cross training to bodybuilding. Its been brilliant for me to get back into training and find a gym that I look forward to going to.."

Mathew P

" Hey Martin, the fitness app is the absolute best!!!! I'm on month 2 of Project Me and love it!!!!!!!."

Helen R

" I am a member here. I don't know what I would do without the support from my Box Gym family. They are so very supportive ."

Tanya M

" The Box Gym Cornwall is a fantastic gym, it has helped me grow and gain results in a short time, but most importantly, its like a huge family, everyone helps everyone and everyone gets on well in this gym. I repeat, this gym is not like every other gym out there!"

Liam B

" I have been using The Box Gym fitness app for two months now and I am absolutely loving it. I have had a massive amount of trouble with an injury and have always struggled to find something that could help me keep fit, but not aggravate the pain from the injury. This App has changed my life. I'm stronger than I have ever been and finally feel that I am on the right road. Thank you Martin, a few months ago I did not think I would ever get back to some form of normality. This app has literally changed my life!!"

Samantha B


" Absolutely awesome App and it really works!!! Martin and Kelly are absolutely the real deal and provide amazing support so that you never feel alone. Best decision I have ever made by getting this App. Whoever reads this, you will not regret getting this Box Gym  App!"

Susan A

" Been using The Box Gym App and loving it!!! The workouts are fantastic, love them all, especially the 10 min HIIT classes. Its taking me a little time to get the nutrition right, but I am logging everything on the app. Looking forward to the inches dropping off!"

Chantelle D

" So, I sat back last year and realised I'm all too rapidly approaching 50. I had started to feel old and definitely felt unfit and sometimes struggled to do the things that previously I could do, without the aches and pains. I guess you don't realise how unfit you are until this happens. I knew I needed to do something about it. I haven't really done any specific exercise since my 20's. I thought I would go for a walk daily, but often found an excuse not to. Then, after talking to a friend of the same age who uses the gym regularly, I thought I would give it a go. I had nothing to lose and I haven't looked back since."

Maria P

" I can't believe how great I feel, I have so much more energy and confidence and I am amazed by the difference in my body shape in only 5 weeks of going to The Box Gym. Seeing the difference gives me the right mindset to carry on. I could not have done this without the fantastic support and advice from Martin and Kelly."

Emma B

" I really enjoy attending the classes with like minded people. All the classes are varied and Martin was really motivating. I definitely feel so much better in myself. If someone is thinking of joining this gym, I would say definitely do it."

Nadia J

" The training at The Box Gym has been just what I needed to get my health and lifestyle improved and I’m now feeling fit and motivated again. I have now started to eat healthily and stopped drinking and have more energy. For anyone wanting to join, do it, you will enjoy it, just do it."

Tim C


" Really enjoy using this gym. A really friendly environment with a great variety of exercises and lay-outs. This really helped with my conditioning. The workouts are set for different peoples abilities. I would highly recommend anyone to join to get results."

Beth W

" This has got my body shape back to how it was. Also learnt about the science behind the exercises. Definitely recommend this."

Charlotte T

" The six week challenge was an amazingly motivating experience. It helped me find discipline and become fitter and healthier and also I have more energy and feel less sluggish. For anyone wanting to do it."

Gemma C

" The Box Gym has pushed me and helped me to improve my fitness levels. I feel more motivated when I go to work. I feel motivated and full of energy. Highly recommend joining this gym to anyone...DO IT."

Shelby B

" Martin has shown me that my body can do a lot more that I thought it could – just pushing yourself through the workout gives energy that lasts all day. Highly recommend joining the Box Gym to anyone."

Phillippa A

" The Box Gym has pushed me to get fit again and shown me that it is possible to achieve great results in a short space of time. Martin was great at providing varied, fun workouts that make you want to come back to each session. I feel focused and want to eat decent food and achieve results. Definitely recommend this, give it your all, Martin is great at motivating you, keeping you focused and is full of encouragement"

Jenny W

" Martin has shown me that I can do it, just like he always said. I have become happier, have more energy, feel more confident and even fearless!! I have learnt to believe in myself and my abilities. For someone thinking of Joining this gym, definitely do it. Trust Martin and believe in yourself."

Nicky S


" I have really enjoyed The 28 day challenge. I feel I have got fit really quickly and definitely lost inches as I can comfortably fit in smaller clothes sizes. It has improved my mental wellbeing, I feel energised and proud that I’ve done my morning workout when it’s cold and dark outside. I would recommend this to anyone."

Claudine S

" Really great gym and you will learn loads by going. The classes are hard work in a really friendly environment, you will not feel pressured if you can't keep up. I would definitely recommend The Box Gym, definitely worth it."

Jessica H

" I thought I was relatively fit. My first session was tough but by the end of the first week my energy and stamina massively improved and I felt great. I feel that with twelve sessions, three per week is perfect and I literally feel and see the results. I definitely recommend The Box Gym, its for all, every fitness level, shape and size. You get fantastic support and advice and delivered in a nice way. I have never been given advice before this without me feeling stupid."

Michelle B-T

" I absolutely loved these sessions in a masochistic kind of way. Great motivator and instructor through Martin, thank you. I feel a whole lot fitter and really look forward to the sessions. For anyone who wants to go to The Box Gym, I would tell them Absolutely YES."

Debbie J

" I have loved every minute of doing this 28 day challenge. I even surprised myself by finding it easy to get up at 5.15am. The exercise was pitched just right and I feel amazing after each session. I have really appreciated the feeling of being supported by Martin on the journey. This is just the beginning. The knock-on effect into my life has been so positive both at home and at work. Thank you Martin. Highly recommend this to EVERYONE."

Penny M

" Really AMAZING!! In four weeks I feel stronger, fitter and can see a real difference. Martin is really good and has pushed me to be better over the course. I definitely recommend this gym, its 100% worth it."

Lily L

" I love every minute of my time at The Box Gym Cornwall, Martin and Kelly are AMAZING! They are so knowledgeable and helpful. I have pushed myself and always felt motivated with my fitness. Its been a team effort and everyone here wills everyone to do better. Definitely join this gym, highly recommend it."

Natasha P

" I love this gym. For me, finding it has been life changing. Amazing people, friendly and motivational atmosphere, completely supportive team whatever your goals or fitness levels. If you are wanting to make a lifestyle change or are currently wasting your hard earned money on other gyms, (my opinion) give The Box Gym a chance... hard work with real results."

Amelia C


" So, a journey of weight loss has turned into a love of fitness and seeing my body change. I didn't see the difference until I looked at the pictures all in one go. Still room for improvement but enjoying the journey as I improve. I LOVE The Box Gym family and the people that run it."

Tanya M

" HaHaHa, I am so bad at having my picture taken! And what a gigantic chin at the start!!! Was the hardest, but BEST six weeks!!! Really enjoyed the super early morning sessions and wound have never of achieved this if it were not from Martin and Kelly's  support and of course, the amazing women I did it with."

Chloe C

" I joined The Box Gym in January to get my fitness motivation back, as over the previous year or so, I had lost motivation and started to put on weight quite quickly. Being a member I regained my motivation and started to see results happening quickly. Then we were hit with COVID-19 and unfortunately the gym had to close. I was determined this was not going to stop me, I had come too far to stop now. So I continued to stick to my calorie plan set by Martin and continued to exercise everyday at home as per the plan Martin had set for me. Although I couldn't go to the gym, I continued to push for my results. From January until now, I have lost 38lbs of body fat. I know I still have work to get where I want to be, but I know if I keep putting in the work and following the brilliant advice from Martin and Kelly, I will get where I want to be. I know times are hard at the minute, but if we all continue to push ourselves we can all gain our dreams."

Neil G

" WOW...What an AMAZING gym, well to be fair I don't see it as a gym, it really is more like a family gathering whenever you train, be it for me a very sweaty one!!! This is my story. I joined The Box Gym on the 28 Day Challenge. I was quite anxious at first, not knowing what to expect, but I needn't have worried at all, from the start to finish you are welcomed with open arms by Martin and Kelly, as well as the other members. Their knowledge is second to none from the minute you walk though the door you feel in great hands. You are weighed, measured and blood pressure was like being at the doctors!! I felt safe if I am honest. From that I was given my calories, a lot more than I had previously been eating. The fitness classes literally transformed my body before my UNDER 28 Days. I have lost 17.2lbs and have dropped a dress size. This gym is exactly as it says on the tin!! Looking forward to my journey with The Box Gym in the future. THIS PLACE REALLY IS THE PLACE TO GO IF YOU WANT RESULTS. Thank you Martin and Kelly."

Nicola H

" Kelly and Martin are AMAZING! So supportive and encouraging. Everyone I have met so far have been very friendly, its like a big family. I have just finished the 28 Day Challenge and lost 14.9lb. I would never have done this wIthout them. I have now joined as a full member to continue my journey."

Claire G

" I joined The Box Gym in January on a 28 Day Challenge, and although its been bloody hard work, I went out last night wearing a size 12 dress...something I only dreamed about not that long ago...but thanks to my Box Gym family, Martin and Kelly, I have almost achieved my goal. It is possible to achieve your goals!!!"

Penny M


" I have been a member of numerous gyms. Most have had a very unwelcoming clientele and staff. The Box Gym is a very friendly gym, which welcomes new members. You don't feel judged based on size or previous gym experience. I feel comfortable to come in by myself, ask questions about workouts or how to use certain machines. They offer classes as well as open gym whilst offering a fun atmosphere. The Box Gym has helped my confidence grow and continue to grow as well as getting my body to where I want it to be. Thanks."

Dean B

" Great gym with friendly and knowledgeable staff..."

Nick P

" I LOVE THE BOX GYM!! The staff and members are great. I go regularly 3 times a week."

Mandy H


Ewelina K

" So, here is an update on my weight loss/fitness journey!! Since moving in june, I have lost a total of 2 stone and have never been happier" This is with the help of everyone at the box gym...thankyou Kelly and Martin xx"

Charlotte P

" I just wanted to let you guys know that the keto diet on the Box Gym App is hands down, the best diet that I have ever done. I gained a huge amount of weight whilst being pregnant and just could not lose it afterwards, and especially the "mummy belly". I started using the Box Gym App home workouts along with the Apps keto diet one month ago. I'm down 7lbs and my belly is going!!! I am never hungry now, don't crave any carbs or junk food and sleep amazingly. Thank you so much."

Lucy A


" Been a great experience and really enjoyed the 28 Day Challenge. Would 100% do it again. It’s made me feel so much better in myself. It’s hard but fun and definitely worth it."

Angela S

"From the first week I have been amazed by the results. I am eating more calories than ever before and have lost just over 17 pounds in 28 days. I am physically and mentally stronger. Martin is truly amazing in what he does. He has this down to a T. I feel so much more energetic and fitter. Highly recommend this gym to anyone, you will get great results from a really knowledgeable trainer. "

Nicola H

" The Box Gym has positively impacted my life and lung capacity. Also now have determination. For anyone thinking of joining this gym in the future, DO IT!"

Georgina K

" I wish I Joined the Box Gym sooner, it’s got my fitness back. For anyone that’s thinking of doing this, do it, it’s the best thing that you can do."

Alison B

" Joining this gym has been a good thing for me and has made me feel better. Martin is so supportive. Would recommend this to anyone, it’s motivated me to get up and do things and keep going."

Lisa C

" It’s been a great opportunity and I’m glad The Box Gym has given me the chance to take part in the 28 day challenge. It’s been great, everyone here has been great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey. I have learnt that there is a better way and would recommend this to everyone, it’s well worth it – just take the first step."

Chris U

" After years of no exercise, I have really enjoyed the 28 Day Challenge. I feel so much better and fitter. Highly recommend this to anyone."

Sasha D

" The 28 day challenge has been brilliant. Very motivational and really gets you focused to reach your goal. This has got me back into the swing of exercising each day. I definitely feel better about myself."

Georgina M

" I loved this so much; I want to do it again. Martin has been amazing and he would be the reason so many come back. Martin and his way of doing and looking at things in a really positive way, was amazing. Thank you Martin, you are truly amazing at what you do and you have a huge impact on people’s lives. Definitely recommend this to anyone."

Krystel H


"The 28 day challenge has motivated me to start my fitness journey. All the class members motivated each other to push themselves to the maximum. Going on a journey like this with the same people and everyone going through the same thing is great. I have really increased my strength and cardiovascular fitness."

Rebecca J

" Wonderful experience. You realise that you can achieve what you thought was way out of reach. Such a wonderful place and cracking people. Cannot praise The Box Gym Cornwall enough."

Amanda B

" Loved this gym!! Motivated me to start a journey that I had been thinking about for a long time. Loved the training sessions and it made me look at what I eat and how I exercise."

Sarah K

" The 6 week challenge has motivated me to sort my fitness levels out. Martin is amazing, really supportive and positive. For anyone thinking of doing this, do it....give it a chance and you will be amazed."

Zoe E

" The Box Gym has given me the opportunity to kick start an increased fitness regime. The three sessions a week really help keep you motivated, even when the 5.30 alarm goes off. I have felt my body get stronger and my fitness increase over such a short time. This has accelerated my fitness progress."

Nicola B

" Thoroughly enjoyed the 28 Day Challenge. Martin’s enthusiasm in the mornings was invaluable and made it easier to get up. I loved the sessions. The group was really nice and the advice was great. Go and do this, you will not regret it."

Hannah H

" I joined up to the 28 day challenge because I was really down, upset and disgusted with my weight and I am so happy that I did join. Martin was fab, I couldn’t at the beginning do some of the exercises and Martin would take his time to show me. I would 100% tell people to go for it and join, this place has changed my life and I can’t recommend it enough. With the help of Martin, who gives great nutritional advice, you will achieve your goals."

Chelsea R


" I chose to do the 28 day challenge as a way to regain my fitness after having my son This has restored my confidence in my body and taught me I don’t need slimming world to lose weight. Highly recommend this to anyone, you definitely do not need slimming world."

Lorna W

" Amazing, thoroughly enjoyed the 6 week challenge. Everyone should do it."

Dave L

"The Box Gym and Martin and Kelly are awesome. I have used a lot of gym’s, exercise classes, personal trainers in the past and can honestly say that not one of them has anything on you guy’s and what you offer! You are both inspirational and motivational and really care about helping everybody achieve their goals and more. You are always on hand to answer questions, however stupid and give sound, knowledgeable advice. Its impossible to be around you and not want to push for more. I am totally hooked. "

Victoria M-P

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