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The Box Gym Cornwall is the premier female body transformation and weight loss gym in Cornwall, providing the best state of the art equipment for you to reach your goals and beyond.

The Box Gym is owned by Martin Goodenough who served in the British Army for 22 years. He is a Crossfit coach, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Spartan racer with over a decade of experience in transforming women's bodies using cutting edge and proven scientific strategies to achieve healthy and lasting fat loss and performance, including lifestyle success for exercise enthusiasts and recreational athletes around the world, helping them achieve amazing results that many deem to be impossible.

He is a personal trainer and holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and is a sports nutritionist and a certified strength and conditioning coach. In addition to being the owner of The Box Gym, he also created The Body Box transformation challenges and supplements for women to attain incredible results worldwide.


During this time, he has developed the fastest, safest and most efficient training plans that women can use to become healthier, leaner and rapidly lose stubborn body fat. He has helped thousands of women just like you to transform their body and health using proven scientific diet, exercise and hormone optimising strategies.



If you are tired with all the weight loss fads, ridiculous training programs and gyms out there that simply don’t provide the results they promise? 


Then welcome to The Box Gym Cornwall, the leading female body transformation gym that focuses on fast and lasting results, safety and hormone optimisation, which has been successfully applied by thousands of women to get back in shape, drop 20lb or lose that stubborn body fat they thought was impossible to lose! 


Being a member at The Box Gym Cornwall is a complete and long-term weight loss solution. Providing everything you need for long-term success, more energy, confidence, vitality, hormone optimisation and building in healthy and sensible lifestyle and dietary changes.


The Box Gym Cornwall provides workouts, meal plans, hormonal optimisation, supplements designed for women, guides, support and most importantly, education for long-term success.

The Box Gym Cornwall also boasts a range of equipment and workout machines all personally selected by Martin, including a fully mirrored weights area, kettlebells, dumbbells, power bags, Olympic bars, bumper plates and more, as well as a strength and rehabilitation cross training rig designed specifically to develop functional strength and movement.


It’s finally time to rapidly transform your body and achieve your goals…forever!


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