Why Women Should Eat Differently (You’ve Been Lied To!)

Female Nutrition: A Greater Reliance on Fat During Exercise

During exercise, women use fewer carbohydrates than men, yet burn more fat at the same exercise intensity.

Potential reasons for their greater fat oxidation, or burning capabilities are:

· Higher levels of the hormone Estrogen

· More sensitive to the effects of the hormone Epinephrine

· Increased amounts of intra-cellular fat (fat in the muscle cell)

· Higher average body fat percentage, meaning they have increased fat to oxidise and burn for fuel

Some research shows at exactly the same intensity, females can burn and utilise fat more efficiently than men. This is of course a good thing and it may suggest females can do better on a lower carbohydrate , higher fat diet.

In fact, a higher fat diet for females has plenty of positive data and results in the research. Women who ate a higher fat diet burned more calories during exercise, had higher bench press strength and had less body fat when compared to the low-fat, higher carbohydrate diet.