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Attention: Are You Still Struggling To Lose Body Fat…

Does the image looking back at you in the mirror leave you feeling down and depressed?

Do you break down and cry when trying on new clothes because of the way you look?

Do you get down when you get on the scales and that number never seems to go down?

What about all those photographs that you didn’t want taken of you because of the way you look…all those missed memories.

If this sounds like you, there is only two options:

1. ACKNOWLEDGE that you’re never going to fit into those clothes that made you feel like a million dollars again and somehow ACCEPT that those oversized baggy ones that you wear now and that make you feel miserable is how it is for you.


2. DECIDE that those oversized clothes are a thing of the past. You CHOOSE to make changes so you can actually LIVE your LIFE on YOUR terms and with confidence.

That’s exactly what all the women I’ve helped realised — That it’s a CHOICE that they can make.

There are too many women from all over the world who despise their bodies and actually hate themselves because they are struggling with what to do and how to do it.

Many of us, including myself have been cheated by following workout and diet plans that are just not practical or even sustainable…unless you have your own chef and nothing else to do in the day but workout.


You Just Want To Feel Energised, Sexy And Fearless, Right?

  • ​You want to be that women who has confidence, wears whatever she wants and wows her partner and friends

  • ​You want to be that strong, powerful women that other women want to emulate

  • ​You want to be that calm and sophisticated women that has her life under control

  • ​You want to be that women who is a role model for others

  • ​You want to make your family and friends proud of you

  • ​You want to be proud of YOU

If You Tired Of Being Misled With Weight Loss Fads And Stupid Gimmicks That Simply Don't Give You The Results They Promised…

Then The Box Gym Is For You If…

  • ​You’re stressed out and sick of putting time and money into things that don’t get you the results they promised

  • ​​You want to prove to yourself that YOU can get the body of your dreams…And be proud of it

  • ​You want to take action and look after yourself

  • ​You want a gym that will make you feel healthy and energised

  • ​You want something that actually works

Imagine by this time next week, you notice your waist getting smaller.

You will be more motivated to continue because of how fast you’re seeing results compared to anything you’ve tried before.

You’ll walk around with elevated confidence as you see your friends and families faces react to a brand new you.

You’ll be surging with energy and ready to conquer your day.

Quickly Melt Away Visceral (Belly Fat) Which Is The Number One Cause Of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Dementia And More.

You Need To Know…

I really care about your results and you getting the body of your dreams, so I want to make sure that this is the Very BEST Place for you.

The Box Gym Cornwall has one goal in mind…burn what most people would say is an IMPOSSIBLE amount of fat using SAFE and scientific principles.

The results are impressive and backed by science…

“Just one, 30 minute HIIT class at The Box Gym increased growth hormone by 450% over baseline, which could be meaningful for body composition and injury repair”. Loughborough University.

But you can’t just show up and not put the hard work in.

For you to get these IMPOSSIBLE results, you will need to be focused and consistent.

You’ll have days where you’ve got to push yourself to workout…

But if you’re serious about getting in the best shape of your life and have the determination to stick with the training, the results will shock you, your family and your friends when they see your transformation…

Then Keep Reading.

So Here Are The Research Tested Steps You Need To Take.

  • ​Optimise your hormones so you’ll feel better, more energised and less prone to mood swings.

  • ​Improve your insulin sensitivity so it makes it harder to gain fat in the future.

  • Program your brain so that you no longer get hunger pains and carb cravings.

  • Increase your metabolic rate so your body turns into a calorie burning furnace.

  • Learn how to workout for just 30 minutes a day AND get BETTER results than most people that workout for 60 minutes plus.

  • Learn how to burn more BODYFAT even when sleeping and resting.

Even if you don’t sign up, that’s a very clear list of what you need to do in order to get into the best shape of your life

However, if you are ready to commit and join The Box Gym Cornwall, these are the exact steps and considerations we build into our programs, removing any guess work and leaving you in the BEST possible position to lose more fat or maintain your new leaner body.

If you are tired of dieting and then rebounding, buying supplements that don’t actually work or wasting money with a personal trainer that gained their certification online and has no experience, The Box Gym Cornwall is EXACTLY what you need to get your new body or continue on your fitness journey.

Get in contact today…for your tomorrow.

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