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Get ready to meet your new body. The 14-in-4 training system stimulates as many muscles as possible to accelerate fat loss, improve fitness and rapidly strengthen and tone your body.


Throughout the plan, exercises will increase in intensity and complexity as your fitness levels improves and adapts to this style of training.


The 14-in-4 training system was designed for busy women like you, to be able to achieve phenomenal results in the shortest amount of time.


    My step-by-step- blueprint is easy to follow and when followed exactly, you have the complete roadmap to reach your destination and ultimate success.


    The 14-in-4 system gives you meal plans for every day of the four weeks. This is a structured eating plan to beat cravings, lose weight and nourish the body and allowing you to eat the foods that you love.


    14-in-4 - Lose 14lbs in 4 Weeks

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