Food Guilt…And How To Control It

Feeling guilty after eating food is an issue that far too many people deal with. Most of us have been there, eating our pizza, doughnut or ice cream and having this feeling of shame that you’re actually indulging your desires.

NO MORE! It’s time to take back control and realise that you’re the one controlling the food you eat and the feelings you get from it; not the other way around.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of my favourite ideas to get rid of food guilt and take back control and get power over your food.

Recognise that calories matter

One of the first steps to getting over your issues with food is to more closely understand that all food, regardless of whether or not it’s been deemed healthy or not, has a calorific value. Some have more calories than others, but overall, all food has them.

This is a very important point that some people lose track of. Many of us have created these associations in our minds with regards to good food and bad food. The obvious culprits are the most enjoyable, like pizza, sweets and ice cream.

However, it’s important to consider that all of those foods have a calorific value, as do the foods we deem to be healthy. It’s only because most of the foods we really desire have such high caloric values that we’ve deemed them to be unhealthy.

I talk a lot about energy expenditure and being able to eat the food you like to everyone on a transformation health journey, the only caveat of this is staying within your particular energy expenditure or more simply the calories you eat specific to your goals. Now, instead of eating what everyone calls “diet food” when starting your nutritional plan and subsequently setting yourself up to fail with things like sustainability and longevity, What if you were to simply enjoy those desirable foods in moderation… what if you consumed an equal amount of calories from ice cream as you did from a salad?

Overall, the research concludes that, generally, it is calories that matter the most. As such, rather than feelin