3 Reasons Why Women Need to Pin-Point Their Training & Nutrition

If you are trying to lose body fat or reach your fitness and physique goals, then you need to implement these advanced nutrition strategies that are specific to women.

Although there is an overload of fitness information online covering pretty much every topic, 90% of this is always tailored to men or to be more precise, hardcore bodybuilding and this approach will not be suitable for women looking to take their results to the next level.

If you are ready to put your diet plans and your results on over drive?

If so, Let’s go…

1. Women Need to Further Tailor & Pin Point Their Energy Intake

Based on numerous research studies and experience with hundreds of clients, I’ve found that women require a more pinpointed and accurate energy (calorie) intake.

But why?

Women have a lower metabolism and energy expenditure compared to men. This basically means that women require fewer calories per day for all the everyday bodily functions. While this information may not be anything new, I’ve found that women need to be meticulous with their nutritional intake.

Women have a small window of opportunity to create a calorie deficit and still maximise their health and physique.

When a woman is dieting, there will be a fine line between reducing calories low enough to see noticeable results, but not going too low that they become weak, ill, nutrient deficient, stressed or crash their metabolism which is what the majority of us do, which in turn just makes it harder in the long-run.

As an example, men can reduce their calories down to 2000 and still lose weight quickly, whereas most females will not be able to maintain a relative low body fat on this number. If you are a female and have ever dieted, then you know that you may need to drop to 1300 calories or less, dependant on your particular body composition. However, when we get to this low range, it can be very hard to fuel the body with macro nutrients of carbs, proteins, fats and micronutrients, while fueling your muscles for intense workouts.

To counter this, you must use more advanced methods such as carbohydrate cycling, re-feeds and nutrient timing, and tailor these aspects around your menstrual cycle or menopause and possibly add in some advanced supplement protocols to give you a helping hand.