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TheBox Gym Cornwall



Our women-focused gym is designed for women looking to slim down and tone up, whether you are just starting out or love pushing your body to its limits.  

Our workouts are tough! But this positive community of women will hold you accountable and keep you excited to come back for more.

Our fitness programs are designed to work with a women's metabolism to maximise your results in as little as 30 minutes, just a few times a week.


The facility is clean, professional and designed to meet your needs before, during and after your workout.

Train hard, have fun, feel supported by a community of positive women and get the motivation you need.


Try us and see how The Box Gym Cornwall can support your success!


All workouts and diet plans are specifically built to work around the metabolic and hormonal changes that occur for a women, including during the  menopause. Utilising advanced techniques, hundreds of people have got amazing results even after they had failed multiple times before.


With entirely new and more intense workouts, new HIIT protocols, advanced training techniques, metabolic circuits and ab shredding protocols to transform your body to an entirely new level!

These powerful workouts will speed up fat loss and boost your metabolism by 48 hours compared to just the 4-6 hours following normal training.

Another highly unique aspect is you actually get support from one of the leading female transformation expert and sports nutritionists. You also get access to our private FB group community, providing their own input and helping keep you motivated every step of the way!

Like all other members, you will get far greater results and long-term success if you join a team with a group of like-minded members on the same mission rather than going at this alone or trying to seek support from friends and family who don’t truly understand the journey you are on!


We are convinced that you will love The Box Gym’s workout experience, feeling like you belong from the first day...a gym where you can train without the fear of ever being judged. 

We’re more than just a gym...We’re more than just an experience... We're The Box Gym

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